Welcome to my photography portfolio! Starting out 12 years ago as a full-time documentary and portrait photographer for magazines and galleries I travelled extensively to work in different fields of the medium. On assignment and working on personal work (Tibet, aftermath typhoon Haiyan, Africa, Cuba etc.). My thing is telling visual stories in a personal and mind-changing manner of subjects that interest me greatly. It's important for me to make strong statements and connect to people in a spontaneous way. The style of marriage photography intertwines perfectly with this artwork, in a personal approach and use of the same professional equipment. 

A wedding is a one-in-a-lifetime experience that deserves a unique documentation with high-end digital files and quality prints like presented in the best art galleries.

Making a reportage is a spontaneous art form, double-layered with a focus on strong narrative and registering the whole array of emotions. I adopt a personal portraiture style coupled to using the best optics and cameras out there. For years I have been using rangefinder cameras of LEICA and the famous Summilux prime lenses, optics designed to give true and outstanding quality to every picture. 

I offer my clients unlimited time and coverage during designated days I'm at your wedding. This allows us to document other experiences and photograph fun and unique shoots on stunning locations. With extensive travel experience the past twelve years, from Tibet to South-Africa, Cuba to Myanmar and 26 countries in between, I guarantee professional guidance. 

I would love to hear about your wedding plans!

We can Skype and discuss a visual solution for your wedding or event. Please email me at info@fredericvanwalleghem.com for further inquiries.

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